WHAT ABOUT MEMOREX DL 32023286 burner?

Hi everybody:

Can anyone tell me about experiences WITH MEMOREX OPTICAL DRIVE DOUBLE LAYER MODEL 32023286?
I bought one Jan 10 at a rip off price Circuit City 248.96 and it only burned 6 DVD and like a light bulb it went off! had to return it Jan. 29 to the seller and got full refund ( as of today not credited in my C. Card).
I think it is a good brand unless anybody had same experience.

Please reply.

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Hello there and Welcome to the forums.
Please give us the exact model number of the drive if you would like more information!
Memorex actually has a few different drives manufactured by different companies.
You can view the discussion and find a link to a review on their LiteOn based drive here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=120487

Thanks for answering, but yes I bought the Memorex 32023286 commony known as Memorex F16 and it didn’t last more than 5 burnings, so I returned it to Circuit City in McAllen
My question now would be if the LiteOn SOHW-1633S rebadge (what does rebadge means?) is exactly the same, as price is way different than the one I paid foer the Memorex, 248.96 US for that Memorex (this was external) I do not know if Lite-On makes this model in External version.
My problem is that I have a SONY DRU-500A 4.7 Gigs. and I bought 400 DVD blanks 200 Memorex and 200 Ridata, and the Sony refused to burn them and the memorex burnt them like butter so I am willing to invest in another DVD burner and might as well be a double layer.


The Memorex F16 uses the same hardware as the LiteOn 1633S drive.
The only difference is the firmware. The Memorex firmware is better than the compareable LiteOn branded firmware IMO.

Thanks again Wes, bute I am not that well versed on this subject, beginnog for what does the Firmware do to either one, to make the steep difference from $84.00 LiteOn VS the $248.96 Memorex (this is Ciecuit City Price ok?)
Another thing is I am eagerly surfing the web to get one DVD Double Layer Burner 12X or 16X and found one brand KANO K1633, I wonder what kind of brand this is?


I’d guess on a “Kano K1633” being a possible Liteon 1633S rebadge as well - if not that, probably worse, say a BTC that makes an even worse job of the Mediatek DVD chipset than Liteon - I’m definitely beginning to side with those who say that there is no really good Mediatek chipset drive.

Like media, drive brands are often just a name on the box, and what’s in them is made by someone else.

The “stock” Liteon is usually recognizable, some tips:

  1. The vertical bow on the tray front is pinched at each end
  2. There may be a small “scoop” under the tray centre
  • Sony Retail models are about the only ones that change anything on the panel other than colour.
  1. Size - current drives tend to be 2cm shorter than most
  2. Rounded rectangle button, and rounded rectangle LED
  3. Logos printed, not stamped, and on the tray, Left, Right and Centre

Liteon technology names: Smart-Burn for the underrun recovery, Smart-X for adaptive speed control.

Gee Wes you seem to know a lot of this.
In any instance, I have just received from my wife a present (not delivered yet) of a LITE-ON 12X DUAL FORMAT EXTERNAL DVD WRITER, can you pleas tell me If this was a good buy? as I am not too sure about the difference between the Lite-on SOHW-1673SX (16X8X4X/16X6X4X/16X/+48X24X48X DVD-Dual Drive)also esternal, I think is the same as LiteOn 1633S drive but External this one except one is 16X and the oter is 12X.
Another thing is Double Layer and Dual Format the same?
I hate to make a lot of questions, but I am learning as I move along and you are of extreme help.

Thank you very much for your help

You need to read the DVD Writer FAQ :wink: .
Dual Format = able to burn both DVD+R and DVD-R.
Double Layer = able to burn Double Layer DVD+R discs.
The LiteOn 12X drive can be upgraded to the 16X model very easily if you do some research on the LiteOn Forum. :wink:

You are right Wes, I need to do my homework and read read reeeeead & re… etc.
I go to B.Bu…er and rent some movies and if I like them I burn them for my own private use, I do not do business with them, I have a Sony DRU 500A Internal and the burning some time takes more than 90 minutes so that is why I am looking to improve my speed and versatility.

Thanks for all your help
PS once I get my Lite-on 12X If I run into trouble, can I reach you by mail if I do not find the answers in the forums?, or maybe I do not understand the wnswers??