What about GreenRay/PurpleRay diSC?


I wonder, how the current laser frequencies were determined.
Can somebody provide clues?


I guess 405nm was used to match and track the width of the pits in a blu-ray disc. At that wavelength the colour is actually in the violet range. I hope that helps a bit. There is possibly much more info if you google the question.


Actually, HVD used a green beam partially.


And HVD also use a red ray to enhance capacity.

The format was dead before it was released, AFAIK.

And for your general question, look at the light spectrum

Like you see, blue have a shorter wavelength than red, so you can faster submit data with blue than red.

And like voxsmart wrote, searching in the internet will provide you more data


The invention of the blue LED summed up in video: