What about emphasis CD's full red book compatible?



I am looking for an cd ripper, which is able to handle emphasis CDs (50us), which are fully red-book compatible. The Emphasis Flag is common on CDs before 1986 and on several classic and audiophile cd labels.

Can PerfectRip handle those Cd’s? Here are some detailed questions:

  1. Can PerfectRIP detect and display the Emphasis Flag in the TOC?
  2. Can PerfectRip detect and display the Emphasis Track Flag in the Sub-Channels without an preceding TOC Emphasis Flag entry (e.g. Dire Straits - Alchemy - Phonogram 818 244-2)?
  3. Can PerfectRip produce de-emphasised WAV files ?

I don’t know any progragram that can handle emphasis CDs correctly. iTunes is able to detect and normalize emphasis CD’s with an TOC entry for emphasis, but failes if the emphasis flag is only on track basis in the sub channel bits. Any ideas?
Thank you and all the best for the New Year 2009.