What about DL burning?

I have several movies that are more than three hours long, like Cleopatra, Ben-Hur, etc. I want to try burning them on DL to see if the quality will be better on my 72" wide screen with DVD 9 as opposed to the picture on my normal CRT set with DVD 5. All of my burners are either Plextor of BenQ DL. What is the best MID media and burn method. I have all of the usual burning progs, Nero 8, Roxio 10, DVDFabPlatimum 4, 1Click DVD Copy Pro as well as all of the free ones. I never tried DL before because of all of the negative pub.

Use DVDFab’s clone mode and burn to Verbatim DVD+R DL media…
You might also give IMGBurn a try for your DL burns…

I use ImageBurn and DVD Shrink occasionally. I have gotten a couple of bad 100 disc boxes of Verbatim a few weeks ago. The outer 300mb of the discs are bad, requiring extra shrinking of the size of the movie. Is there a specific MID of Verbatim DL that I should get?

Mid : Mkm 001 000

MKM 003 (8x DVD+R DL) burns very nicely for me, if your burner supports that speed DL, of course. :slight_smile:

Keep the DL burn speed at 4x or lower will increase quality and not coasters!

My burners are Plextor 760A, Plextor 716A, BenQ DW1655, BenQ EW164B, and three Plextor Premium. All firmware up to date and region free.

What’s wrong with just playing them on your large screen. :confused:

If they already are D/L originals you can at least try them out before going to the trouble of making a backup.
If they are already DVD 5 re-encoding them to DVD 9 won’t make any difference. In fact, they’ll probably be worse as you can’t add what you haven’t got.