What about CDS200.0.4?


I have an Audi CD wich can only be played by a player placed on the cd.

The player is wmmp.exe

The file with the music seem to be a file like *.CDS, because it is about 819MB.

CloneCD isn’t able to clone it.

How can I exctract or modify the *.CDS file, that I can burn the Music in another way?

Or has someone another idea to clone this CD?

Thanks a lot.


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[B]Please read the thread mentioned at the 4. bullet in my signature.

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Hi, just trying clonyxxl in combination with cloneCD. It seem to work.

But this kind of CD ( original ) is not playable in my Stereo-CD-Player.

Is there a possibility to extract the sound-file *.CDS ??



The *.cds file (in my case with Natalie Imbruglia - White lillies island - CDS200 => yucca.cds) is a proprietary compressed music format, sort like mp3, but then a specific format which can only be read/played by the accompagning player (cactuspj.exe)

Normally you don’t want this ‘low(er) quality’ compressed music, but you want the orginal audio tracks. When you backup the cd with CloneCD and you select the audio profile, CloneCD will read only the audio tracks (in the first session) and leave out the second session (with the cactusplayer) and leave out the protection (so you can play it everywhere, in all devices!). When you have the orginal audio files you could encode them into mp3 or whatever format you prefer!



i read out the CD with my LINUX XCDroast. now I have *.wav files.

Because there are about 4 songs in one *.wav I edited them with Creative Wavestudio.

Now I have 1 file for 1 song.

How can I modify them in that kind that title and interpret are displayed when I play them. WinAmp show only the name of the file.

Is there any way for editing ??

Thanks a lot.


The RIFF standard in fact does support additional infos within your wave file. You can create/edit/remove them with e.g. Cool Edit. Probably, there are many more progs, which can do this task, but none of them I know.
However one problem still remains:
Winamp doesn’t support displaying this info, at least with its provided wave-plugin.
Maybe there are other plugins that can do the job.

But I have another good solution for you:
Compress your wave files down to Monkey’s Audio.
With that you’ll have two advantages at once:
Firstly you save about half the disk space without any loss in quality.
And secondly the APE format and the Winamp plugin both full support tagging.