What about CDRWin?

Well, practically I’m not a newbie… I’m (I hope so) in the class of the advanced… What I wanted to ask is that in this moment I have to use CDRWin. The problem is that CDRWin doesn’t support my brand new Artec RW-32x12x48. I checked Golden Hawk’s compatibility list and none of the Artec recorders were included. I downloaded CDRWin 3.9a with the aspi drivers… Again nothing. Does anyone have any idea or it is a lost case? I really need to CDRWin in the moment!

Uhhhm…why do you need cdr-win right know, mayby I know a solution…:slight_smile:

Originally posted by RedHatted
I really need to CDRWin in the moment!

Why?:confused: You can use blindread to make bin/cue images and any of blindwrite, fireburner, nero or cdmate (probably some other proggies too) to burn them.

Yepszz…there are lots of prgrams that can do the same as Cdr-Win

Thanks for the replies… I guess I’m taking know the hard way… Let’s take a look at blindwrite! Well, I wanted to use CDRWin because I’m doing some experiments for copy protecting my cd’s (ironic heh?.. :cool: )