What about cdfreakswiki?

Okay as some people noticed the wiki has been down for a long time.

Now the question is, does anybody have a idea if it’s comming back or that the idea has be put to rest ?

Hi :slight_smile:
I must admit to assuming it had got ‘put to rest’.
After the front page revamp.

Also It’s strange to revamp the frontpage with a different lay-out and use the old lay-out for the forum (and shop )

So if it’s put to rest any change to revive it we got quite some data in topics running which would be much better off in some sort of wiki !

Tough question, I’m a big fan of Wiki’s, but ours was spammed a lot and used a little (for normal purposes). I don’t know if it would be easy to get it up but if we do get it up again we need a good team of people that adds information and keeps it spam free! So if anyone can make a decent plan I can suggest it over here and we can discuss it.

I’d be willing to contribute again in my free time. Did get over-spammed but that can be solved by restricted access to people who apply to write stuff and are then accepted rather than just allowing anyone to edit.