What about CD cops 2.1 protection

Originally posted by BeeR_DoG
I managed to make a working image of ´Bjerkøbing grandprix´ ( Danish version of FlÃ¥klypa Grand Prix) using the ‘Cdcops profile’ in ‘Alcohol 120%’. I mounted the image file with Deamontools afterwards.

Hi I am trying to make a backup of an anatomy CD. Could someone quickly explain to me the “Cdcops profile’ in ‘Alcohol 120%’” technique please, I am affraid I am not very used to making CD backup.



Alcohol120% is a piece of software designed to defeat copy protected cd’s. When you install the software it will create a virtual cd-drive. This drive will show up in your explorer just like a normal cd-drive. When You mount images created with Alcohol120% and ohter software on this virtual drive, then it will behave just like the original cd, if created with the appropriate settings. All you have to do is to create an image of your original cd with the ’ Image Making Wizard’, which is an integrated part of Alcohol120%. Just select the appropriate profile and create your image. Alcohol120% is commercial software, so you’ll have to pay for it when your trial period has expired.
Daemon Tools , however if freeware and is able to mount images created with Alcohol120% and ohter software.