What about a SHM-160P6S

I see a review for a 165P6S. Does anyone know the difference? I see this for sale on Tiger.

This will be my first DVD burner. And I probably won’t do a lot of video burning. Mostly audio CD’s and DVD data backup. That is the main reason I am purchasing a DVD burner…for data. I have tons of multi-track audio from recording my little band projects and want to back them up. 1 song=1 gig. So it eats up my hard drive fast.

I just was wondering if anybody knew any + or - for this drive. Thanks for any feedback!!!

(Yeah I’m a newbie here! Nice forum!)

I think it lacks Lighscribe but has DVD-RAM. Should be a great drive.

I have the 165H6S and so far enjoy it a lot. It is a very good value.

I would not hesitate to purchase one if you can find a good deal. Newegg has 'em too, and sometimes has free shipping.


Remember I am a newbie, but what is DVD-RAM?

Yeah Tiger had it for $25 after mail-in.

Or NewEgg had a SHW-160P6S-04 for $29 free ship. Need not rebate

DVD-RAM is a format that is rewriteable up to 100,000 times. Standard DVD-RW and DVD+RW are rewriteable up to 1,000 times.

DVD-RAM can use a standard FAT32 type file system, so you can drag and drop files to it like a hard drive if you choose.

I personally don’t use the DVD-RAM feature yet. I just focus on the standard DVD and CD formats and it works great for me. It’s just an extra feature really, at least for me.

Thanks for the info!!


SHM-160P6S might be a typo. There is a SH[B]M[/B]-16[B]5[/B]P6S, that is indeed capable to handle DVD-RAM, and there is a SH[B]W[/B]-16[B]0[/B]P6S, that does not support DVD-RAM.
I prefer DVD-RAM for regular backups of personal data like documents etc.

Using FAT32 on DVD-RAM is the worst you can do. Bad performance and discs going bad earlier than necessary.
These are the reasons, why UDF filesystems should be used.


the 160p6s does not have dvd-ram or lightscribe, but it is a top notch dvd burner and a great reader, but can be a mediocre cd burner, not a big deal tho since you probably already have a cd burner that you could keep and then use the liteon only for dvds.

just be sure to feed it quality media like verbatims or taiyo yudens :wink:

here is the link for newegg…$30 free shipping-no rebates

Hey Thanks a lot!!

That is exactly what I would do is leave my current CD burner in there and remove my DVD-Rom drive. Now would always using my DVD burner for reading take away the life of the burning?

So as far as backing up docs, pics, Sessions & Wavs for Adobe Audition, and other misc, I would just burn a Data DVD, correct? I guess the DVD-RAM still confuses me. I will probably just stick to this one.

It might take a little life away, but I’ve been using my 160p6s for 99% of my reading (my old dvd-rom was sooooo slow :rolleyes: ) and 100% of my burning for the past 8 months, and its still going strong. these days you’re lucky to get 18 months out of a drive anyway (good thing they’re only 30 bucks huh :stuck_out_tongue: )

I wouldn’t worry about the DVD-RAM - I’d just stick with standard DVD-R and DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW and CD-R and CD-RW.

As far as life of the burner, frankly, at $30 a shot, I’m not as concerned about longevity as I could be. I would simply not worry about it. These things are designed to burn and read media, and I expect them to last a while. If they do die, then nice, cheap replacements should be readily available.

Just bite the bullet and buy it - you’ll probably enjoy it like crazy! :slight_smile:

agreed :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Exactly what I will be doing!!!

Just when I think I can do pretty well with PC’s I find out all these different types of DVD drives!! :confused:

Thanks for all the info and opinions!!

Could anyone answer which of those burners is a better reader. And you can throw samsung 182d in for the comparison if you can.
I read a review of that samsung and it shined on test of reading damaged/scratched discs reading all discs while pioneer 111, lg 4167 , benq 1655 couldn’t complete all tests. Shame that no liteon was in that test.

I’ve got 165P6S, and while it is able to read some very bad discs it is not omnipotent and it can choke-quit on some badly burnt+multi-multisessioned discs. From my comparison with horribly scratched/badly burnt discs, Liteon 165P6S did similarly to Pioneer 111. My former burner, Benq 1650, was, comparing to these drives, poor reader.