What about a database for all our scans?




after reading and posting here for months, I still find it quite interesting to see what results you can get with different media and different drives, but this has created threads covering several tens and hundreds of pages, and so become quite complex and unhandy, especially if you want a quick overview which media works best with wich Benq drive.

So, what do you think ybout a project, were you can still post your results with Nero CD Speed and other tools, but with some kind of a user interface. Users could filter for specific media, write speeds, and writer models. This could also be used to create an automatic toplist, and gives us all a better overview over different media and drives.

If you are interested or have more ideas, please post, maybe we can get some webspace here at cdfreaks (or elsewhere) and write a small php interface for such a database. What do you think?




I was thinking about this a few weeks ago, too… I know PHP and have some free webspace I’m not using…


This would be very nice indeed … but sounds like an incredibly involved project.