What about 7-Zip


I had downloaded an application, 7-Zip a couple of months ago an noticed on 1 external Hdd 2 or 3 blue arrows which really doesn’t cause too much of a problem, just annoying. It shows up when I have the view set for medium, large & extra large icons. I normally use large due to vision issues. I uninstalled that app but issue remains. I did a search in the registry and after backing up each instance I deleted each one. Had no effect after a reboot. The only thing I noticed was it affected some videos I transcoded with DVD Flick; merging 3 videos into 1, so I could put 3 videos on 1 DVD disk that would play on a stand alone player. I have 3 external Hdd’s; a 1Tb & 2-500GB; and it only shows up on the 500 GB Seagate drive.
Any suggestions other than just live with it?


Is that hard drive set up to use NTFS, and is file & folder compression enabled on that drive?

You can check the latter by right clicking on a folder with the arrows, selecting “Properties”, then near the bottom of the new window where it says “Attributes” click the “Advanced” button, & see if the check box for “Compress contents to save space” is enabled.


Also, when doing as Albert said take a look and see what the default program is for those files.
I use 7 zip and have no problems with arrows.
If it is 7 zip related you might have to associate those file types with another program


That doesn’t look like a 7 zip icon


This did not work for me, I moved all the data to another hard-drive which worked great. Thanks for your input anyways, I’ll tuck the info away for a rainy day.


I tend to have different-looking arrows on my system when viewing symlinks, hard links, and junctions. In my case, those arrows are made by a shell extension called “Link Shell Extension”. In my case, the arrows look different, but I might be using an old version (I don’t boot into Windows very often, so I don’t update often). If you have Link Shell Extension, or any similar shell extensions, that might be your problem.

PS: I agree with @gonca:

I quite honestly doubt the issue has anything to do with 7-Zip.


I moved all data to another HDd which solved the issue; I have no idea why.


Those arrows indicated links, most likely, as TSJnachos117 indicated.
By moving the data you took it to a drive without the link set up