What a wonderful day



Just needed to vent - it was actually a miserable day, so please feel free to ignore my ramblings!

Had to go into work tonight even though with the way it was snowing and as much that was already laying down I didn’t want to. I called in before leaving and they said no weather bulletins which means work like always! Well, I take off and get out on the my main route doing 40 miles per hour (I normally travel this road at 70-75 - 4 lane highway, you know…) and didn’t really feel safe going much faster. The passing lane was a big no-no. I’m sitting there creeping along and out of nowhere the car jumps out from under me and I feel my backend swing out to the right… I correct and it jumps back to the left… correct again and of course back to the right for the final time. Did a perfect 180 across the road into the guard rail in the middle. sigh So now my, albeit old, car that had no damage on it before has the right-rear quarter panel messed up on it.

The only good news is it’s only cosmetic damage, I was the only car involved, and not really any reason to get insurance companies involved. The tail light on that side is in fine and functioning properly from what I can tell and the door on the gas cap opened right up and that looks intact so I guess I got off pretty luckily but my left arm/wrist hurts from it, hopefully that’ll be gone by tomorrow.

Then to top it off I got to work today and my supervisor looks at me and says, “I’m surprised you showed up tonight with the drive you have to get in here, today was optional!”. Optional!?! OPTIONAL!?!?! Grrrr, I could’ve saved myself all that stress and damage to my car - stupid idiots need to wait a little longer. Oh well, I went home after 2 and a half hours because the snow was only getting worse so I said screw it and left after telling my supervisor of course! What a miserable day, worst one in a long time.

Hmmmm, does Maaco fix body damage like that at a reasonable price? I just want the right quarter panel straightened back out and everything put back into place again and then have them touch up the paint to get rid of the scrapes and dents, all I ask for really, it’s a 7 year old car but I’d still like it to look decent - first accident I’ve had in a LONG TIME - Been like 9 years since my last accident and that was only a fender bender and back when I started driving, hehe.


Sounds like a Murphy’s Law day. :slight_smile:


I think that was it! Everything was just working against me today, hehe. :slight_smile:


Sounds a bit like the day I have had today uptil know, except the damaging of your car thingy’. But I still have to go back to home, so fingers crossed.

Thank god you’re ok. :iagree:


Ugh, Namoh. Hope you make it home without any problems - if you are getting snow like we got here just take it slow, that is the best I can say. I thought I had it under control going up our major road and actually felt better being on that road once I got there. Who knew that would be the one that did me in? Oh well, maybe I won’t get the car fixed, might only have it another few months if I get hired at this job (I’m so totally hoping!) and then I can get a new-to-me-used car, hehe. Was looking at some 2001-2002’s today in the $7000ish price range that seemed alright with low-average mileage on them for the age so it might soon be time for a new car. This car (1997 Cavalier 2-door coupe) treated me well for 6 years now - it’s actually 8 years old, bleh, bad at math when my nerves are shot apparently so maybe it is time for a change soon. Besides, be nice to have working air conditioning and stuff again this summer. :bigsmile:


Well it’s snowing harder and harder every minute, so I think I’ll go home early and drive carefully. My car drifted twice this morning, but I could get it straight before I hit a car or guard rail. :eek:


Braxas…sounds like a good day …for someone else…sorry your having a piss poor day…but hopefully tomorrow will be better and brighter…


What you wrote reminds me of something that happened to me on the Long Island Expressway (I495) a few years ago. We had just had a major snowstorm, but the LIE appeared clear and I was doing 50 or 55. I look ahead and see the traffic ahead of me stopped. I hit the brakes and find out I am on black ice. Well I lost control of the car and went across all three lanes to the right and then started heading back across all three lanes to the left. There were other cars on the road and how I missed them or they missed me I will never know. But I decided I was not going across all three lanes again and when I saw that the snow was piled up for about six feet in the new HOV lanes they were building I turned hard into it. The car did a 360 into the snow and the snow stopped the car. I sat there for ten minutes to regain my composure went out and inspected the car. Not a scratch on it. I then slowly drove out of the snow onto the road and found that the reason the cars had stopped in front of me was because there was a twenty car pileup. Anyway I went home, showered and changed my clothes (necessary) and went to work.

I had a friend who went out to go to work only to find his car was encased in ice. He chiseled open the door only to find that his wife who had the car the night before left the driver’s door partly open and the light stayed on inside until the battery went dead. He had to chisel off the snow to open the hood and jump start the car. After he completed all this he started to go to work when an overhead icicle fell off of a tree and smashed his windshield. He then went back inside the house and spent the rest of the day in bed.


Ouch, Gategem! Just goes to prove somedays you are better off staying in bed rather than going out to do normal real life things. I did that today, my back, arms and wrists are still sore from slamming the guard rail not to mention stiff. The roads were clear though so I should’ve probably went but I felt so miserable I just decided to say oh well and not go in today. I’m pretty much back to normal tonight here after taking Aleve all day to relieve the pain so tomorrow I should be good to go again I hope, my nerves are also back to normal, I was still a bit shaken up today yet and just needed the day to myself to unwind and get back to a mentally sound state.


When I opened my backdoor this morning it jammed, last night there felt 35cm of snow (my pussycat loves it :iagree: ).

I just spend 2 hours and 15 minutes driving, sliding, gliding and shoving to get at work. :a

Thank god, I didn’t hit anything.

@Braxas, good luck with your back, arms and wrists.
I hope it’s nothing serious.


Turns out I’m feeling fine. I guess the good that came out of all this is the car is still running fine. I’m probably getting a brand new car in the next week or two depending on how this job interview tomorrow turns out. Good paying permanent job for me with decent hours so I think I’ll treat myself to a new Cavalier or Sunfire (They’re in my budget, hehe, how do people afford SUV’s anyway? Sheesh…) to kick the new job off with - it’s time, my car is 8 years old and especially after hitting the guard rail is really starting to show its age.


Are bad days catching around here at the moment… :stuck_out_tongue:


nah, some day incidents happen which are not desired nor deserved, but move on and lick your wounds later. :wink:


Indulge yourself! I just got a new Nissan Maxima and I really gilded the lily. The car has four bucket seats, each seat has its own electric heater, the steering wheel has its own electric heater, the navigation system stops me from getting lost, etc. Why buy something practical when you can have fun. My other car is even more impractical. It is an 87 Vette. Well actually it is not impractical because it picks up a lot of women.


hehe, well for me a decently loaded Caviliar or Sunfire is a fun car. I love driving my Cavalier even with the road rash it has now - it still feels like a little sports car but that’s all in ones preference. I just don’t want to tie myself down to $300+/month car payment expenses when I’m trying to get moved out on my own and such so I think a little bit more practically. Wish I could get something that was really fun but that’ll have to wait until I’m a tad older. :slight_smile: