What a sad story

My PSU burnt and the 12V went crazy. It burned my 2 HDD’s, DVD drive, CD-RW, motherboard, and even keyboard!
Now I have to spend around 300€ to buy new hardware. Fortunately the CPU, RAM, graphics card, sound card, LAN card and mouse are OK.

My Xmas is ruined :Z

That really sucks!..

Before you buy everything new, see if you can test all the items individually on another system. It could be that they still work, or that they’ve recuperated from the electrical surge… (I’ve seen it happening and since testing is free…)

I have already tested everything. The only survivors are: mouse, graphics card, LAN card, sound card and RAM. And of course all external components are OK.

I would recommend you too spend some money in a descent powersupply. It happened to me too once. My crappy powersuply which came with my midi-case caused an elctrical distortion which burned my mobo inc cpu and ram.
I bought an Enermax 465W powersuply and my systems now is stable as never before. The risk my powersuply will burn still exists but it’s a lesser risk.

If you have an unstable powernet in your neigbourhood I even recommend you a protected poweradapter.

Think about it.


I will buy a 350W PSU for 40€ (cheap). I don’t want to spend 60 ou 70 Euro in a PSU. My old PSU was a 250W type and I had too many things connected (I think so).

You will only gain system stability by buying a descent powersuply.

You might wanna reconsider your decision