What a good brand of cd and dvd to record on

The movies and mp3 that I record breaks down and will not play after a few times. I been using the staples brand of cd and dvd. The way I understand it it could be the quality of the cd or dvd. What are some brand name of cd and dvd that people have been using without any problem before or after recording.


For DVD media, the following thread says it best:

I use Verbatim for CD as well as DVD.

I would not only use quality media but I would make sure I’m properly storing them as well. Do a search on the word storage and you will find a wealth of discussions.

Verbatim for DVD’s. DVD-R is probably more old-school compatible but you could opt to use DVD+R if you have bit setting available on your drive. I have the best luck with DVD-R.

As for CD’s, you could also try Verbatim or maybe Sony or TDK. For me, CD’s are less sensitive than DVD’s. Maybe because the data is not so densely packed on CD’s and therefore players are more forgiving.

Would it better to put movies on cd than dvd. I know it would take about 2 to put one movie on, but would better to do this.

No - I think putting movies on DVD is best. It is what they were designed for, after all, and 4 gig of space allows for higher resolution/quality MPEG-2 files to be written. To compress a full on DVD movie to a CD (Video CD) means you have 700 meg of space to do it in, and you could probably imagine how you must compress the file and therefore reduce the quality in order to fit it on there. Even 2 Video CD’s are only 1.4 gig.

What are some good program to do it with. I was using dvd santa until it started with this runtime error. Now I am using nero and dvd shrink to do what I did with dvdsanta. Is there anything better out there that I could use, freeware? One thing I like about dvdsanta one program to encode and shrink the material. What do you use?

Also mpeg files or avi, which is better or is there no diference.

Well, it depends.

I would want to ask first, what are you trying to do? Are you ripping DVD’s you own so you can back them up, or are you creating your own video compilations with your own footage and then wanting to produce DVD’s from those?


First thing I would do is install DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink on any system trying to do these.

Then, for ripping DVD’s, RipIt4Me and DVDFab Decrypter are really good. I prefer the RipIt4Me app with their installer, but DVDFab will do the trick.

Once you get the things ripped, DVD Shrink is great for tweaking the setup and creating a VIDEO_TS folder that you can burn with ImgBurn or some other app capable of doing DVD Video projects, like Nero.

I like to use Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 to combine content, make chapters, menus and such. It is not free like all the rest of the stuff I listed above, but for $50 it does a fantastic job.

If you are sticking paper labels on your DVDs, that’s generally a bad idea and can cause such problems.