What a different between H62N and H62L?

Someone suggest me. :confused: Thanks…
I mean different in “Quality of disc” I saw in Top5 drives topic.They choose H62N 19 point but H62L 5 point. Why???

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Lightscribe and availability i suppose. I have the H62L so i’m one of those 5 :iagree:

Actually the H42N/L(PATA),H44N/L(PATA),H62N/L(SATA) are all the same inside and only differ in firmwares and interface.

First off, there are simply more H62N drives than there are H62L drives among CDFreaks members.

Second, the only real difference between the H62N and the H62L is that the H62L has LightScribe labeling capability which the H62N lacks.

Third, at present LG North America (actually, Hitachi LG Data Storage, or HL-DT-ST) officially sells its non-LightScribe drives only to OEMs (bulk) and system builders – in other words, HL-DT-ST officially sells only LightScribe drives in its own retail packaging. The resellers of OEM/bulk components can then resell the H62N drives for significantly less money than the retail price for the retail-boxed H62L drives.