What 4x DVD-R media to burn at 8X to get?



From this page only: http://www.blankmedia.ca/

I’ve got a NEC 3500A drive and I want to buy 4x dvd-r media but want to be able to burn at 8x speed.

What discs would I buy to do that from the page above?


Go to www.shop4tech.com and get some Matrix -R 1-8x, burn great @12x and for $37 a 100 great deal, media code is TY02’s


I’m in Canada thats why I linked http://www.blankmedia.ca/ :wink:

any good ones from the page I linked?



From looking at their list - I would recommend you use the Taiyo Yuden or Ritek only. I have found that I get perfect results with these in -R’s and not so good performance with the +R’s on my 3500-

Happy Burnin’



There are a few using stock Nec 3500 firmware (2.16):

Verbatim -R 4x (MCC 01RG20) - 8x
Taiyo Yuden 4x -R (TYG 01) - 8x
Ritek Ridata 4x +R (Ricoh JPNR01) 8x
Prodisc 4x White Hub Inkjet printable (MCC 02RG20) - 12X

I have my doubts about that prodisc burning at 12x. The others should be alright. I am in the same boat ordering from blankmedia.ca

Note that the Taiyo Yuden 4x +R discs won’t burn at more than 4x since they are T01/00 not T01/01

Also if you go with Liggy’s modified firmware you can add others to the list. I have had sucessful burns using G04 at 8x (Ritek 4x -R - I would get the Ridata branded media).

I ordered some Ridata G04’s and some Taiyo Yuden TYG01 from there to see how they work. I plan to burn with with Liggy’s firmware and when the Liteon DVDRW drive arrives (any day now) I will do some kprobe scans on them. I couldn’t get my unbranded G04s to burn at higher than 8x - maybe with the ridata brand (and Liggy’s firmware of course)



I’ve got a NEC 3500A drive and I want to buy 4x dvd-r media but want to be able to burn at 8x speed

I’ve seen people looking for this before, but cannot figure out the reason. I know that the 4x media is a little cheaper, but only by a couple of bucks. So, why not just buy 8x media to burn at 8x and rest easy knowing that it will work?



I have noticed that 4x is now priced at or sometimes higher than 8x for the same brand names and either - or +

Seems to me that unless you have a burner that only reads like 2.4’s then you are good to go with the 8x media-IMHO



Ok fine, i’ll just go with 8x media :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks guys :bigsmile:


Shop4tech.com has worldwide shipping, cant be much to ship north of the border!


Hi all,
Budman62, Is the Matrix -R 1-8x same of Taiyo Yuden ??
And are you shore it can burn at 12x ?
Thank you very much
Doctor Aziz


Matrix is fake Taiyo Yuden. Avoid it! Find a reputable dealer in your country that carries genuine Taiyo Yuden.


Get the TY stuff.



Fursur get only “real” Taiyo Yudens!!!



Because in some country 8x media are cost 2-3 times more than 4x media.
In mu country, 4x media are about 0.6 us$ while 8x media are 2 us$.