What 2 Burners to keep in my main system? 1620 1640 1655?



I have all three of these burners, and I think I like the 1620 and 1640 the best.

My first 1655 was awesom, but that broke, and my 2nd and 3rd 1655 does not seem to impress me, like my 1st one did.

I do not use LiteScribe, so that feature is useless to me.

Is there any reason to think that the 1655 is better, just because it is newer?

Thanks for any input you may have!


The 1655 might be better burning at 16x on some newer 16x SL media. Other than that, the 1640 is the superior drive out of them all. The 1620 is getting kind of old, but is still useful for burning 8x media and scanning. I’d definitely keep the 1640, but the other choice is up to you.