Whale Wars Activist Denies Hurting Japanese Whalers In Trial



Have you seen Animal Planet’s controversial Whale Wars show? If so, perhaps you’ll recognize one of the people on the show is facing serious jail time in Japan for his role in a boarding (and attempted citizen’s arrest) of a Japanese whaler’s ship.


Tokyo, Japan (AHN) - Anti-whaling activist Peter Bethune of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on Monday denied in a Japanese court that he intended to hurt Japanese whalers during their encounter in the Antarctic seas in December.

Bethune made the denial as he faces assault charges before the Tokyo District Court for firing bottles of butyric acid at the Shonan Maru 2 whaling ship to stop the whalers from hunting whales.

Japanese prosecutors said the butyric acid burned two crew members of the Japanese whaling ship.
If he’s convicted of the charges, he could serve up to 15 years in prison. The Japanese are very tired of this crap happening, so they want to make sure he serves time … and want to get the other guys pinched as well.


Yeah, and every one else is tired of the Japanese crap. Killing Whales in the name of science. I think they ( the Japanese) are trying to figure out how fast they can exterminate the species, a dubious scientific venture. I imagine someone there could make a computer model rather easily.


That show is wild. Folks on both sides are extreme. The Japanese whalers started playing dirty by throwing bolts and sharp objects last season and started off really boldly during last Friday’s episode . . . I hope nobody gets seriously injured this season.


They also deliberately rammed his boat…cut it in half.
Watch this… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dXCR9LX-Kc&feature=fvw

It´s a dirty fight…but I guess the animal activists are in it to try to stop it.
The Japanese even do everything possible to keep this activity out of the media spotlight, although I believe the average citizen is becoming slowly aware of what is happening and opposition is apparently rising there.


Since this happened in international waters Japan has no jurisdiction. Maybe an international court does. If Peter Bethune is an American citizen then I only recognize the USA as having authority over him. Under the laws of the USA a citizens arrest can be made & reasonable force used to do it.
I’m for treating the Japanese the same way they treated POW’s in WW2. When they refused to follow the Geneva Convention. Now Japan refuses to abide by an international moratorium on whale hunting in the Anartic waters & probably hunts other places & whales that are endangered.
As far as I’m concerned Japan is still an enemy of the USA & the rest of the world . They have shown that they tell the rest of the world to “Go to Hell” when it suits them.
So the rest of the world should do the same to Japan.I say let’s arm Peter Bethune better , give him a badge & a whaler hunting permit.