Whack that seal

Who wants to join me in whacking some baby seals with clubs?

can u speak more english ? :stuck_out_tongue:


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Are you high Ben?

All norwegian people will join you! And the finns too, as long as they get to play with knives rather than clubs.

Us Jan Guillou’s are much more keen on shooting the little furry things. (the) Jan Guillou made a hunting program for TV4 where he hunted mostly everything. I there learned that seals explode on impact with bullets. It was quite amusing indeed, if you are macabre like me.

well, i think Ben thinks it’s very cruel to kill the baby seals with clubs.

i have a bit different opinion of that. i think it’s not cruel to do this in general, it’s just cruel to do it for no real reason. killing them only for getting the coat is cruel. killing them because otherwise there would be too many of them in a few years - so controlling the amount - is ok IMHO.

Ben, have you ever seen detailed how some animals are killed for human pleasure?
To make meat out of pigs, they get an electrical shok, which DOES NOT kill them. it just makes them comatose - in this state they get hang up on their legs, just to drive throug a machine which cuts of their carotid artery.

cows get a metal bolt shot in their brain, which kills only around 75% of them, the rest is still alive when they cut them into pieces!

lobsters are cooked alive.

so, killing animals “the hard way” is daily business - it just depends on the reason why they are killed…

you are truely sick :rolleyes:

I have had Odd Lindbergs wife as a substitute teacher on some occasions, and it’s highly amusing that the man who was chased out of Norway for exposing seal-whacking, now flees swedish court where he is charged with animal abuse. The trial have been put forward several times, with Odd being “ill”.

The last time was the 11th this month when he wanted to summon 17 new witnesses, and of course they couldnt be there then.
Hopefully his not so cunning scheme will be seen through and police will drag him to court eventually (he’s had secret identity and police protection for the larger part of the years he’s spent in this country, ironic isnt it).

Long story short: Mr Friend-of-the-Seals does not care for animals, only attention.

Here’s a SEAL for someone to approach with a club:

Ermmmm… you do realise my post is kinda sarcastic, read the other thread this came from. Im vegamatarian really.

no i didn’t.

i found this by pressing the “new posts” link, so i don’t know the other post!

you’re WHAT?

Vegetarian on ethical grounds. Have been since I was 4.

Thats all the more reason to whack you! :flower:

BCN_246 may be cute !! If so we should`t do the whack :wink:

cute :Z

you better be drunk again…

:stuck_out_tongue: i say we all take a whack at ben for starting this topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

/ben puts on his safety helmet.

Don’t really wanna spend my precious time on this, I’ve got more important things to do (Such as drinking).
Just one thing: Ben, you’ve got balls