Whack that Ben!

SS wants to whack Ben, since he’s been such a naughty boy (apparently).
So, what object should we use to whack Ben with, if we are to whack Ben at all?

well i think the lad needs to learn a lesson…so lets do it …southern style…

Yo S_S-

Damn girl - he’s just a kid for krists sake-eh!!!

Can’t she just go cow tipping instead? I’m not in the mood for a beating just now.

a good negotiation leaves both parties feeling ripped off so how about a good old crucifiction with out the fire? and then i can play baby seal pinata with you.

I voted to slap Ben with a herring. Nothings better that a good fish slappin’. :iagree:

And SS is obviously not have a problem with repressed agression. Damn! :eek:

Wow!!! There’s a lot violent tendencies on display in this thread. :frowning: Save it for monday’s morning commute. :slight_smile: It would be much better used for road rage. :bigsmile:

how about not?

Well, so far it looks as though the fish are winning.

I wonder if it would go something like this

I had to go for he fish. Everybody needs a good beating with a fish once in a while!!!

for sure! :iagree:

voted for vegetables… think it should be the only thing to do really, with ben being veggie. im just on me way round to hand out the the slappin
with some nice runner beans

why would anyone want to hurt him? :confused:

Ask SS, she hates me for some reason

We dont want to hurt him, we just want to wack him with a fish!!!

Slap for love!

oh but young one…i love you…i hate noone…i strongly dislike a few people but none from this site…you my grasshopper are my chosen one… :flower:

And you wish to show this by hitting me with a burning cross… wait a minute… where is that burning cross? :confused:

its been put out…:slight_smile: so now…i choose to hit you with a wet limp noodle…:smiley:

Was it fireperson Airhead? Or a different fireperson?

i have no idea i meant it as a joke…but apparantly someone didn’t think it too funny…

they should have known…where you are concerned…i think of you as my son…:wink: