WH16NS40 won't read blurays above 6x. anything I can do?

Sorry if it’s been asked before but i bought this because of amazon reviews saying it wasn’t riplocked. I should have done more research obviously but now it’s installed and used/non returnable. Is there a way for me to get the listed 12x bd read speed? It seems like false advertising to me.

I flash all my drives with the ASUS 3.01 firmware and can consistently hit 7.5X + when ripping 4K UHD Blu Rays using either an LG or ASUS drive. Regular HD blu rays go faster I’m not sure if I’ve seen 12 but definitely double digits. I’m more interested in the 4k ripping though.
I used to be a very avid anti flasher but I have seriously changed my tune and very much appreciate the patience and tolerance of the folks on this site!


i never would have thought to use a different brands firmware on an lg drive. which asus bluray burner model is the 3.1 firmware for? i see a 3.01 for the BC-12B1ST here https://www.asus.com/us/Optical-Drives-Storage/BC12B1ST/HelpDesk_Download/

do i just run the asus updater as if my drive was the asus model and it’ll just work?

I stand corrected. some discs get up to 7.8x if i watch long enough. the weird thing is somethimes they take forever for no reason. if a dual layer bd movie disc is 100% full at 50gb and the read speed is around 30mbs then it should be done in a half an hour unless i messed up the math. alien is taking about an hour and 20 minutes even though read speed is good. are there blurays over 50gb i dont know about?

There are some even going over 90GiB.
I think the simple math here tricked you a bit, drives work different with different media types and sizes, even when reading. :wink: