WH14NS40 CheckSum is mismatched

Hello, all! I just purchased a WH14NS40 manufactured October 2015 (2015 10 20) ROM VER:1.00 SVC CODE:NS50

I downloaded the firmwares from LG’s support site and none of them work. They all give the error “CheckSum is mismatched. Drive will go to BOOT mode Please retry again.”

I see that other people have gotten this error before–at NewEgg, there are negative reviews there regarding this.

One other thing to mention is that “SVC CODE:NS50”. That seems interesting. Did LG do a mid life production change? Is this normal for NS40 drives? Am I just looking in the wrong place?

Thanks, all!

I found another mention here:

I’m not sure if it makes more sense to discuss it there or here. Since a WH14NS40 doesn’t belong in that thread.

I phoned LG:

There are 2 versions of model WH16NS40:

  1. SVC Code NS40 (this is the older version
  2. SVC Code NS50 (this is the latest)

If you take a look at the label stuck on the burner, there is an SVC code printed. It will read “NS50” or “NS40”.

Firmware version 1.03 is only for the older version of this model i.e. only for models with an SVC code of “NS40”. If your SVC Code is “NS50”, there is no need to update the firmware. Version 1.02 is the latest firmware for “NS50”.

Hope this helps…

I have encountered the same problem with the LG WH14NS40 Service Code NS50. Not sure what prompted LG to make this change but the 1.03 firmware doesn’t appear to be compatible with this drive. 1.02 is the latest version.

NS40 and NS50 drives are based on different hardware (and obviously the firmwares are different too).

Confusingly though, for some obscure reason, instead of calling these new drives WH14NS50 as they should have, LG still kept the old WH14NS40 name and simply added some extra text saying “SVC Code: NS50” on the lower right hand side corner of the drive’s label. :doh:

All nice and confusing, since once installed inside a computer, these drives identify just like any other WH14NS40 would do and the result is the current confusion! :rolleyes:

Why did they do that? Only LG knows… temporary insanity perhaps :tongueout:

By the way, if anyone is still on the original 1.00 firmware and wishes to update their NS50 SVC drive to the latest 1.02 firmware, I have just posted a copy of the latest firmware (for WH14NS40 drives with SVC Code NS50) here: LG BH16NS50/BH16NS55, 2nd gen BH14/WH14/BH16/WH16NS40 (SVC. Code NS50, 2015+)

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Do you know if the WH14NS40, Service Code NS50, has any different R/W specs versus the WH14NS40, Service Code NS40 or are the drives the same performance wise?

I think the most notable differences compared to the NS40 seem to be that NS50 drives can at least ‘read’ UHD discs (well they can read the disc structure - something that NS40 drives can’t do - but as far as I know they are not UHD Certified so they can’t actually play commercial AACS 2.0 UHD movie discs), plus a revert back to the uglier plain bezel instead of the nice ‘premium’ bezel that NS40 drives used.

Burning wise, both families are good burners with very similar results. From my experience, at least for the MIDs I tried it on with (mainly Verbatim CMCMAGBA5-000 and Infomedia INFOMER40-000), the NS50 produces perhaps slightly better quality burns than the NS40, but for other MIDs the story could be different, so I cannot really generalise. The relevant NS50 and NS40 threads would obviously give a much better picture of the two families for a wider range of media.

Other than that, I don’t think there are any notable differences in R/W parameters in between the two families (if any at all), but I haven’t really done a detailed side-by-side specsheet comparison of the two families… for a start finding a PDF specsheet in English for any NS50/55/58 drive seems to be a rather futile exercise :doh: