WH14NS40 BDXL M-Disc compatible?

I’m looking for something to archive my family’s photos and videos onto BDXL M-Discs. I have a LG WH14NS40 and a LG BH14NS40. Will they properly burn BDXL M-Discs? They’re M-Disc compatible, but does that mean Blu-ray M-Discs as well?

At least in the BH14NS40 specs it “Supports BDXL” including “M-Disc”.

Yes it will write to M-Discs.

I looked at the downloadable spec sheet before posing this question, and it states BDXL burning support, as well as M-Disc support. However, the only discussion of M-Disc discusses DVDs, and not BD-Rs.

So, if a burner supports M-Disc, then it supports M-Disc versions of all the disc formats it is capable of burning?

As I understand it, the process for burning M-Disc BD-R is not different enough from “regular” BD-R so as to impose major compatability issues (the way it did for DVD+R). This is supported by the observation that, when this media was first introduced, a long list of “already compatible” BD-R burners was published. I would think that any current production M-Disc compatible hardware would have this covered.

Thank you for the information.

I ordered several Verbatim 98912 M-Disc BDXL 100GB from Amazon. I’ll try and remember to come back and update this with the results.

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Any update on this? I got the same writer and want archive my stuff, but want to be sure before ordering the 100GB M-disc.

Sorry, no. I ordered the discs, but haven’t tried them yet. I’ll try to remember to post about my experience.