WFKA DVD+R JVC Media? any comments?



Well I got some of this discs branded as JVC and the manufacter ID is WFKA11-111-00, I made a search but I coulndt find muchinfo on them, are they any good? I use to buy Ritek G04 and G05 wich are very easy to find and at good price here, and I know they are good or at least decent, but they are all DVD-R, wich most of the times works fine, but sometimes my stand alone philips DVD player, dont want to read them, and it only works if I back up this particular DVD on DVD+R (god knows why) So I dont want any more coasters to find I have to burn that specific DVD on DVD+R and not -R. I bought some CMC media (Imation) but now I cant find them :frowning: