Westinghouse 32" hdtv with built in dvd player



TARGET is selling in todays weekly ad a bargain WESTINGHOUSE
HDTV with a built in dvd player for $ 498.00 dollars. If anyone
in the forum owns aT.V. like this is it a good deal for a cheapie
HDTV or garbage. would appreciate the info.


I see one for $399.99 but no built in DVD player, but an excellent price,and I don’t like combo units.


Trouble is that westinghouse seems to vary in quality from model to model. For example A couple of years back Westinghouse released the 37W2 which was plagued with problems, a few months later they released the 37W3 which was an excellent set and then the following year they released the slightly updated 37W3se which was plagued with problems again. Fortunately I managed to snag the 37W3 and I have to say that outside of a contrast ratio which could be improved that it has been an excellent set for the two years that I have owned it (and it has gotten pretty heavy use). Anyways, the point is that I would be checking out sites such as epinions, amazon, newegg, etc. to see actual user reviews on a given model before purchasing. Although I would recommend that regardless of make or model.