Western digital to release 150 gig Raptor in January

Whilst putting together a new HTPC, for a boot drive the 10,000 rpm Raptor is hard to beat. Only thing, it’s a tad small by todays standards. But, we can read now, that little problem is solved! The 72 gig model is dropping in price the past few weeks too!

From a report at X-bit labs we can find the best information about the release: Germany-based online store Alternate.de is currently offering its clients to pre-order WD1500AD hard disk drive, hich is also known as Raptor 150GB. The new Raptor drives reportedly sport 16MB cache, feature average seek time of 4.5ms, 10 000rpm motor, support for native command queuing (NCQ) technology. The new drive also has Serial ATA-300 interface and promises to offer leading performance.

The news is a bit old, but I didn’t see it posted anywhere. By the way, at Alternate.de you could pre-order one for 319 Euros which X-bit says is about 380 bucks! Ouch!! :eek:

I would love a couple of these drives in RAID 0, but ouch at the price. :sad:

Yeah, we need to start reviewing hard drives! :iagree:

I’d gladly volunteer to do some reviews of those things, hehe.


They just announced the WD1500 RaptorX with a transparent cover so you can look at the 10,000rpm platters whilst the thing seeks out pr0n. :cool:

Snippet from the site…it’s slow right now as this thing is causing quite a stir, especially if you have 350 bucks and some patience to wait for the pre-order process;


For two years in WD’s advanced development labs, located in California, this team of engineers painstakingly and scientifically analyzed the hundreds of considerations necessary to make a hard drive with a view, and ensuring the result was worthy of the WD Raptor nameplate magnified the task at hand.

Transparent Lens: Finding a material that would withstand heat, pressure from 10,000 RPM turbulence and electrostatic discharge (ESD); provide a crystal-clear, unobstructed view of the disk and head assembly; and maintain high-volume manufacturability was a monumental challenge. WD finally settled on a special grade of crystalline polycarbonate and shaped the lens in a way that would maximize viewing area, structural rigidity and aesthetics. The team used laser Doppler vibrometers to determine optimal lens placement, while maintaining overall drive integrity. A unique ESD-dissipative coating, when used with the conductive frame, redirects an unwanted ESD charge out of harms way, protecting the read/write heads from potentially damaging zaps of static discharge. The lens is attached to the cover with a foam adhesive, chosen for its gap-filling and sealing capabilities.

Conductive Frame: The laminated frame that surrounds the lens must have conductive properties to enable an ESD charge to move through it, using it as a bridge between the surfaces it spans. The coated window lens and the cover are tied electrically through strategically placed bare-metal surfaces on the cover, thus creating a conductive unit. Conductivity in the frame is achieved with injection of microscopic carbon nanotubes into the frame adhesive. All this ensures that a wandering ESD charge built from you shuffling your feet across the carpet doesn’t destroy the critical data, content and software you rely on WD Raptor X to protect.

I want a spinning pattern on those discs :smiley:

The windowless model or plain vanilla Raptor has appeared at Newegg now for 295 US and comes with a 5 year warranty. The commenters are saying it is faster than the 76 gig model. I guess it is a good deal as I just coughed up 155 for the 76 gig. Now, I just wish I could have afforded this one instead.

Meh, raid 0 isn’t that great, imo. It’s only a little faster, and your rate of failure jumps up by a decent amount.

But, my setup that I would like is one 150 gig raptor + 3 x 500 gig Seagates. That would own :bow:

Imagine the superfast pr0n!