Western Digital rolls out TV HD Media Player



I just posted the article Western Digital rolls out TV HD Media Player.

Storage maker Western Digital today quietly rolled out a new technology that will allow it to enter our living rooms with a new product straying away from its normal hard disk drive products.

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15175-Western-Digital-rolls-out-TV-HD-Media-Player.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15175-Western-Digital-rolls-out-TV-HD-Media-Player.html)

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Yeah, I was reading about this a few hours ago. What the hell is “Dull HD”? How would the quality or functionality compare to, say, an NMT? I’d review it if I could find a Canadian retailer.


This will be nice for all of my subbed Naruto videos. I can throw a 500 gig hard drive with all of my pictures and compressed videos on my oversized TV stand that was made for a tube TV. Technology is changing faster than my furniture.

Only $129? that cost more than the hard drive. Don’t you know the economy stinks these days?

Canada? I thought CDfreaks was in Finland or someplace cold. I guess Canada is cold.


I’m very curious to see how WD plans to try and market this product.

Finland? Here I was thinking the site was based in the Netherlands! :slight_smile:


Nice! This thing is going to be very popular…

99 dollars already at BB but out odf stock.

You tube video of the player in action


Thanks for the link, Crabby. Yeah, I think I’ll probably get this over the NMT. More research is needed, however.


I just Bought the WD TV and updated it. I wish they would make FLV files compatible or say if this is a real possibilty