Western Digital offers "modded" harddisk

Western Digital has issued a special edition of its 250GB, 7200rpm, 8MB cache 1394/USB 2.0 external hard drive. The new model ships with a clear case and built-in LED illumination.

The $449 Special Edition is available from WD’s online store (though it’s currently only flagged as a pre-order option), and will in initially be sold through CompUSA’s US retail stores. Broad availability will follow later. The drive is compatible with Mac OS 9.2.2 and OS X, plus Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP.

Source : The Register

Pretty cool. Guess it won’t be long till we get other drives (floppy, cd e.t.c.) start to do this.

Hmmm new style of casemodding, and I like it…

I wish those discs would come a little cheaper, as they really are beauties… another good thing is that they’d save me some room in my case, I could use it to extend my laptops harddisk, and I’d get an additional IDE port free, so I could use an additional optical drive :wink:

Haha cool! Give me one! :slight_smile:

man i sure could use 250GB:eek: , im starting to run low. Please make it cheaper!!

I want 2


that’s cool as hell :slight_smile:

Could someone do the maths for me (not my forte) and tell me how many days of CD-quality (wav) music this mofo could hold?

Last I recall, there’s a program called Calculator on all current OSs, use it.

I’ll pass on the fugly HD w/ 2 neon sticks. I mean neon signs in your case is enough already, but now this?:Z