Western Digital launches 1080p HD network media player

Western Digital launches 1080p HD network media player.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2010/06/E2ead.jpg[/newsimage]Western Digital has introduced its WD TV Live Plus HD media player product, offering streaming access to Netflix and other popular online destinations.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/western-digital-launches-1080p-hd-network-media-player-30695/](http://www.myce.com/news/western-digital-launches-1080p-hd-network-media-player-30695/)

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$120 at Newegg.com and Newegg.ca. Can’t wait to read some reviews. This might be my next media player.

It’s basically a LIVE with new firmware and MAYBE a updated chip. If you want netflicks support maybe it’s be worth getting, or if you don’t have a player yet.
They have released a beta firmware for the live that adds DVD menu support in ISO playback which was the main grip almost every user had before about it.
The reports are the menu support ow works well at least with DVD ISO’s but it may have introduced some other issues. I use B-Rads homebrew on my Live and he’ll probably be adding the menu support soon or I can just upgrade to the beta and see how it goes.
If they hadn’t added menu’s support to the live I probably would be buying that newer unit myself just to get that feature.
Don’t know if it supports menu’s in BD ISO’s though.

WDTV Live still needs work, like support for more USB Network Adapters, better FLAC 5.1/6.1/7.1 inside an MKV, TrueHD, stuttering video over wireless, on a 300Mbps wireless connection, with various 1080p mkv files, among a great deal more…it’s all listed on their support site.

Well I loaded their beta, it went right over B-Rads FW just fine once I plugged in my USB drive with it loaded like they said to.
DVD menu’s work great now, so it plays the ISO just like the disk would play in your normal player, including any forced commercials before the menu pops up.
BD ISO still only plays the main movie, but they never said anything about Blu ray menu support though it would have been cool too.
The network share folders still take forever to load so they never fixed that and they load almost instantly in B-Rads homebrew, plus of course YouTube HD is broken or at least only plays in SD again:sad:
He did say once he tried actually having menu support he liked it so pretty sure he’ll add it as soon as he figures out how to integrate all the new things. The FW is much larger now so might take a bit.
Tempted to get the new version just becuase but might just stick it out and see what they do with the live.

My WD TV Live plays 1080p. All this has over that is Netflix, and that’s no big deal to me, my BD player has it too, and we have not used it yet.

I prefer the ASUS O!PLAY AIR HDP3 in the Netherlands for € 129.-
and included build-in WiFi…



Yep, there are a bunch of players now that do it all for around 100 bucks, the playo is another nice unit.
I think the thing that really sets the WD apart is the huge homebrew community that has hacked in many new cool features, and of course now having at least dvd menu support doesn’t hurt as pretty sure the playo and many others have had t from the start.
I’m sure B-rad will very shortly rework his homebrew to work with the new version for the Live, then add something for the new enhanced has they are practically the same box except for Macrovision being added to the Sigma chip so Netflix was happy.

i purchased a wd tv live hd media player a few weeks back and have ripped a few blurays to hard drive and they play back on my plasma in true bluray quality except for a few niggling problems as follows(1) some of the blurays play back audio in a language other than in english and as there is no menu on the wd to allow me to change the language it creates a bit of trouble as im not bilingual,in some cases i can press option and then press audio and one of the options may come up in english however not all of them.(2) on setting up the wd to my home theatre system i can only access dolby or dts etc through the front channels and nothing through the rear speakers (3) some of the blurays commence playback into the film and not right at the start. so if anyone has had similar problems i would like there advice,but remember keep it simple as im no techno whiz.

With a few strategic upgrades to an old computer you have collecting dust (don’t we all have one of those by now?) you can just use a PC to do far more than these media boxes can do. I got an HDTV last fall, immediately connected a laptop to it and was hooked. I bought an HTPC case and stuffed it with old computer parts that were lying around and can do anything I need with it.

i may not be the only one not bilingual,as that reply does nothing for me?

I tried to go the HTPC route, but problems with slot configurations and the age of the PC, plus the cost & risk of installing a graphics card with questionable HDMI/component out, killed the idea. :doh: It’s much easier to find a media player for $100 or less. And these media players are quieter than HTPC.

Connecting a media player to the internet, streaming videos over a network, etc, does not interest me. I want only a basic media player with a simple windows explorer type of GUI. The ability to accept a portable USB dvd player would be a plus. Comments and reviews from users of the better 1080p media players, indicated that playing files would not be a problem.

For the most part, I looked at the lower price media players:

NBOX V1(480), V2(720), V3(1080p) $29-$59
Roku XD Streaming Media Player
HDMI brand media player
WD Live
WD Live Plus
ASUS O!PLAY … HDP-R1 HD Media Player 1080p
ASUS O!Play Air HDP-R3 HD Media Player 1080p
Argosy HV335T
Viewsonic VMP71 (Argosy HV335T)
Netgear NeoTV 550 Ultimate HD Media Player
Media Gear AP-300 (Zinwell ZP-530)
Zinwell ZP500, 510, 520, 530
Seagate FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player STCEA101-RK
Seagate FreeAgent Theater+1080P HD Media Player STCEA201-RK
Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV STAJ100
ZIN-5005HD (not so low-end, but interesting)
Brite-View BV-5005HD “CinemaTube” 3-in-1 1080p Full HD Multimedia

I know about the Popcorn Hour and others listed at AVS, but I leave those to the big boys. :a

The research went really well. Amazon reviews and comments were extremely helpful. The videos on Youtube helped by showing the GUI along with relative speed. I kept the Youtube videos by way of www.keepvid.com and reviewed the info again. You can’t shop like that at a brick & mortar ! Not every player could handle the RMBV format, so be sure and check the specs.

At a cost of $62.50 (shipping included), I had no choice but to go with the Viewsonic VMP71. The VMP71 accepts a hard drive, and the GUI looked very fast on Youtube. :eek: I expect to use the standard Argosy HV335T firmware in this player, but there is a hacked Argosy firmware that will open up an internet radio feature.

Before making a purchase at regular retail prices, look for new arrivals (that for only a few dollars more), will have the ability to record at 720p.

Good luck with your choice. :bow: