Western Digital External Hard Drive



I bought the Western Digital Hard Drive for my old computer. The old computer was struck by lightning and the mother board was fried. Luckily I thought my hard drive was still good. I have been trying to get my information off of my old hard drive and transferring it to my new computer by using a flash drive. I have some of the information on my flash drive and thought I would put it on my Western Digital Hard Drive instead of the new computer. I have been trying to do this for a month or so now and it will work half the time. Sometimes my computer will not recognize the external hard drive and sometimes it will. I did get some information on the external hard drive tonight and then it just closed up and wouldnt work anymore. I currently have a DELL Inspiron 530. Any help would be appreciated.


Try getting Norton Ghost and set the old hd to master and the new one to slave and then just clone it over instead of trying to do it with a flash drive, this way it will only take about 20 minutes to clone the whole hd, BTW make sure that you format the new hd first


My main problem is why is it when I turn on the external hard drive, which is the Western Digital, does it appear sometimes in my computer and sometimes I can not get it to show. If I need to set one of these to slave how do I do that.


On the hard drive itself there is a tag showing you which pins to jumper for master and slave, Also WD is great at giving tech support just look them up on the internet and get the phone # if you have any problems


Ok, I remember that now that you said it. I did contact Western Digital by email and never got a response. That is why I went to this website. I haven’t asked alot of questions, but have always received help. Thanks for your help.