Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD2500KS 250GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA-2 OEM $75 Shipped




Perhaps not as good a buy per/GB as some of the recent larger Seagate drives being offered, but this particular model has the highest reliability rating I have seen – normally about a 91% excellent-to-good user rating.

Personally, 250 gigs is about as large as I like to go per drive due to the risk of data loss in a failure. Two 250GB drives usually cost less than one 500GB drive, and if the 500GB drive dies you may lose EVERYTHING. In a non-RAID setup, you cut you odds of total data loss by 50% by using two 250GB drives instead of one 500GB unit…

This WD drive normally goes for around $80 plus $5 shipping. The deal will likely expire 11:59PM TODAY California time (Pacific Standard Time). I have two of these I’ve been using in a video editing platform for the past four months without any trouble.


nice find on this one…thanks


Glad to help. :slight_smile:

Looks like this sale has continued past the normal expiration of Newegg Weekend Sales. This is the lowest non-rebate price I’ve seen on this drive at the Egg. In fact, it is about what my final price was for the two I bought last August after the rebate checks finally arrived. ($85 w/Free Shipping and $10 MIR)

Was going to try a similarly-sized and priced Seagate unit until this sale came along, so bought another one. Think I’ll wait until the next series of Perpendicular Recording Seagates before biting… By the way – this WD drive is RoHS-complient even though the Newegg specs don’t reveal this… just in case you live in a community which requires RoHS compliance.


Nice buy.


same price I got a year ago, $75 shipped, bought 2 a year ago, still stable on raid 0


What is sata? I have a two year old Dell Dimension 4600 and i know i do not have firewire and i do not think i have usb 2. Will this drive work on mine? My puter came with 80gb and i added a western dig 120 and i almost have it full and it has been a great drive and still is. It is internal also. I need another internal drive and thought where my floppy drive was, take that out as i never use a floppy drive and put another internal hd. Would this hd be compatable with my puter or do i have to get something not sata and usa 2 or firewire?


According to the spec sheet your PC has 2 SATA ports on the motherboard, so this drive is compatible with your system. Make sure you install any neccasary drivers for the SATA controller first or the drive will not be recognized.




That Dell PC likely uses SATA-1, and the HDD of this thread is a SATA-2 – which is backwards-compatible to SATA-1 but will need a jumper block added to the appropriate junction. The WD OEM HDDs don’t come with jumpers, so one will have to be bought or taken from a retired drive for this purpose.