Western Digital announces high end HDDs

I just posted the article Western Digital announces high end HDDs.

If total capacity is not the only feature you need in your hard disks, but the speed is also important, then the new HDD line announced by Western Digital is for you.Available in capacities of 750 GB…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14735-Western-Digital-announces-high-end-HDDs.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14735-Western-Digital-announces-high-end-HDDs.html)

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Err … the 750GB Samsung HDD I bought 2 months ago has 32MB Cache … and the only reason I bought the 750GB was because the 1GB’s (also with 32MB cache) haven’t budged in 6 months … Western Digital is just a tad behind the times, by at least 1 year. At least it might finally provide some competition in the top capacities & bring the prices down overall. :S

Tad Behind the times? 99.99% of all hard drives currently in production only have 16MB caches so how their move to 32MB being slightly behind Samsung equates to them being behind the times is beyond me. If you would have read this article completely you would have read that the 32MB cache is just one of many improvements and this series of HD’s are now one of the best feature wise currently available in this price range. Again how that equates to them being behind the times is beyond me. I guess Samsung are just Masters of the Universe and everyone else is just struggling to keep up. However back in a place I like to call reality, these sound like some fantastic hard drives and I for one will definitely be giving one a try. I have had nothing but positive experiences with WD which is not something I can say with alot of the other HD companies out there including Maxtor, Seagate and yes Samsung.

@Ocrush - Do you work for WD? Seagate have also had their 750GB & 1000GB HDD’s out for over 12 months, with 32MB caches, but they’re a tad overpriced. With an entire 12 month delay in comparison to their competitors, I’d be suspect of WD’s designers competency if their new range didn’t have some significant extra features over the year old Sammies & Seagates. Anything less than 500GB is practically guaranteed to have 16MB cache or less., and yes, if you are cheap, you can shave a few pennies off the cost of a $100-$200 750GB/1000GB HDD at the cost of performance. I wouldn’t suggest though that these crippled models would be popular :r

@debro How do the Sammy’s perform? I’ve always used WD or Seagate but I’m tempted to try these Samsungs out if they go alright. PS. the code recognition for guests on this site sucks. You type in the letters exact and it doesn’t recognize them much of the time.

The Sammy HDD’s are decent readers, but embarassingly slow at writing. They’re also very quiet compared to all the brand HDD’s I own. (Maxtor 160GB (8MB) / WD 320GB (16MB) KS series @7200rpm).