Western Digital announces 1.5 TB hard discs (Press Release)

I just posted the article Western Digital announces 1.5 TB hard discs (Press Release).

Western Digital Corp. today announced that its My Book™ family of storage appliances is now available with capacities of 1.5 TB and 750 GB. From remote access and sharing anywhere in the world…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13422-Western-Digital-announces-1_5-TB-hard-discs-Press-Release.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13422-Western-Digital-announces-1_5-TB-hard-discs-Press-Release.html)

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That’s gotta be two drives stripped together.

Yeah, WD have max. platters with below 200GB, Seagate have new platetrs with 250GB

As much as it sounds like a great idea to have sooooo much storage, I’m always afraid that the bigger the drive the more data loss when it takes a dump. I just got a 400gig Seagate and only after it has been out for a long time. How do you “back up” data on drives that big, get another drive and run it only for backups? I would have never even thought of backup just a year ago, that was when my 120gig Family Photo hard drive took a dump and with it a lot of memories. It’s a valuable lesson, I must say.
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I use RAID 1 for all new drives now. I just buy 2 at a time. If one dies, I can just take it out and throw a new one in and I’m golden. I’ve had a couple of hard drives crash and it’s never fun if you have no backup or RAID action.

I thought exactly the same as the other guy, thats alot of data to lose of the hard drive bites it. I never used to backup stuff either, but I lost a 200gig hard drive a year ago… and that was a pain. So I pretty much have 3 hard drives now, and one of them is only to backup my favorite stuff on the first two.