Western Digital 160GB Dual-Option Media Center

Anyone here running either this model or similar? I noticed that the WDbtnMGR.EXE (WD button Manager that regulates the safe shutdown button of the drive) is always at 100% CPU usage in my XP task manager. If I disable by ending the process directly in the task manager or using msconfig to uncheck the file, I can no longer power down using the safe shutdown button. If I press the button, the drive will power back up instead and never shutdown. If I leave the file WDbtnMGR.EXE running at startup the CPU usage is at 100% making my system hotter and more sluggish. There lies the dilemma.

WDbtnMGR.EXE I presumed was installed when I installed the Dantz Retrospect Express 6.5 software that came with the retail box. The exe file is version 1.15.

I have left a support case with Western Digital. I’m still waiting on their reply. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks.