Western Digital 160G External Hardrive Trouble

I’m having trouble with a new (to me) WD External USB Hardrive. I cant seem to sync it. My computer(s) recognize it, it says hardware found etc., but I cant seem to find it anywhere. I’m not a computer genius by any means, but I can usually get around. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Assuming the OS does see the hardware, open “disc management” and see how it’s showing. (right-click my computer icon, select manage, then disc management). If it’s showing there as unallocated space, then you need to format it and you’re ready to go.

If it doesn’t show up in disc management, then it’s an issue with the USB and you’ll need to provide more info about the setup.

If this is a 2.5" HDD you most likely need to connected to one of the USB ports thats on the back on the motherboard.