Westell 6100

Description: I have a westell 6100 router from verizion. I have ECHOLINK I need UDP 5198 and 5199 open for this to workI have a 6100 in bridge mode with 2 computers, my Linksys will not work if the westell 6100 is not in bridge mode, How do I do port forwarding or do I need a differant router ?

Here is the guide that you need Link

portforward.com is pretty helpful. I suggest not filling in any of the forms there though, its not necessary and who knows.

I’ve had 5 different routers, and all worked with Westell 6100 modem in either router or bridge mode as your router should work too. BTW the Westell 6100 is a modem and not a router. Getting the Linksys to work with the 6100 in router mode is simply a matter of properly configuring the router and modem. You should be able to get configuration help by callling Linksys support and Westell support, or you might try Equipment Support forum at http://www.dslreports.com/forums/all if you want to do it yourself.