West Virginia Capitol building site of pirate DVD operation

I just posted the article West Virginia Capitol building site of pirate DVD operation.

 The Associated press has  aquired a memo through the Freedom of Information act, bringing to our  attention a piracy operation located in the bowels of the West Virginia  State...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11398-West-Virginia-Capitol-building-site-of-pirate-DVD-operation.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11398-West-Virginia-Capitol-building-site-of-pirate-DVD-operation.html)

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gotta love the goverment job :wink:

What else is new? I work in state Goverment, Most of the higher officials are involved in these type of things, problem is no one gives a D_mn. Including most of the general public as long as they get what they want…:r

Sounds like they have a crack computer forensics team in West Virginia. $88,000.00 of the tax payers money spent to pirate and the best they can figure is that someone sidestepped the system. What a hoot! It will be interesting to see how things pan out now that the big anti piracy campaign has landed in their own in their own yard. It wonder how many jailed and fined pirates downloaded from those computers.

even the police are in on the act using police resources to pirate stuff if the can’t get the stuff they confiscate from the crims

In A Word…Awsome! :wink:

14GB == 40 full length movies and 3500 MP3s? Huh? I can see maybe 40 VCD/SVCD movies and 3500 MP3s taking up 140GB, but not 14GB. Maybe the 14GB only refers to the MP3 tracks (sounds about right)? No mention of anybody even getting fired over this… Most likely, it was some office worker using the office broadband to download stuff and burn it for home use. I always get a kick out of descriptions of something like this described as a “lab” - It’s probably a couple of PCs, a couple of cakes of DVD-Rs (these days, best prices when bought 200 at a time) and CD-Rs. Not terribly unusual in an office these days. As for “audio and video” equipment, WTF? Why would a pirate need that??? I’m guessing the audio is a couple of headphones and the video is a video projector (which probably has legitimate uses, besides lunch hour viewings of South Park). Clearly a step above the usual employee caught playing solitaire, but doubtful this guy was supplying the local black market with a flood of bootleg DVDs.

So that’s where Jenna and Barbara Bush have been hiding. :g