Were write strategies for CMC Mag E01 changed in CS0T and CS0R firmware?

I’ve noticed that ever since I upgraded my 1633s@1653s from CS0P to CS0R and now CS0T firmware (Codeguys patched), I can’t seem to burn a CMC Mag E01 disk at 8x and then have it read by my drive. The disk will burn without problems and finish (using Nero), but it won’t be recognized by the drive. Windows Explorer locks for about 10 seconds after I right click on the drive letter to see if the label is recognized with the Properties option. After I conclude it’s a coaster, I then burn the same files using a write speed of 4x and get a decent scan. I was getting pretty good scans at 8x with CS0P. Could it be a coincidence and I just have a bad batch of disks?