We're going to send less emails


Because we’ve been sending enormous amounts of emails per month, we’ve changed some global email settings. Read here how this might affect you and how you can change your email preferences.




Our web hosting company brought to our attention that we send nearly 300,000 mails per month. This is a burden on our infrastructure and drives up our monthly hosting fee. Together with them (they are Discourse - our forum software - specialists), I’ve been looking for solutions.

Of the 300,000 emails, the majority go to only a couple of hundred users and we don’t know whether those mails are even actually read or that they go directly in their spam folders. Therefore I’ve decided we need to take measures, which could reduce the costs for hosting with up to 50%, which would be great.

I’m unable to check the mail settings for each individual user, neither can I see how many users have a certain email feature enabled. Therefore, the first step is that I’ve disabled some global email functionality of which it’s not entirely sure how the effect will be.

It might even go unnoticed but if not, don’t hesitate to report here and we will consider changing the settings again or finding another solution.

Email notification settings

If I’m correct you will still receive notifications when there is a new reply to a topic you participate in. If not, then you can enable this again on this page .

Instant notifications on mobile and desktop

We already had the possibility to receive notifications on mobile, and we’ve now also added the possibility to receive desktop notifications. These can be enabled and disabled on this page .

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this might cause for some users. If you are badly impacted by this change then don’t hesitate to post here or send me PM.



I was honestly not bothered by the E-Mails, but thank you for letting us know.
300000 is a noticeable number. But still less tha one email per user.

Most of the ~500000 members are not so active, because as far as I can remember, only around eight thousand got the anniversary badge.


We have been able to bring the number of emails down with nearly 40 times. So that is positive. So far no reports from users who have been bothered by this as well. So it seems we have sent millions of unnecessary emails the last year (12 months x 300,000 emails).


Topic 1.

Hello @DoMiN8ToR

You have sent enormous amounts of emails that have not been specified or requested with the topics at my registration-thank you.

OK, you can also lock me the further access, then you (as well as the interested) do not get any help.

Such an operation should be checked in principle here.

A. L.

Topic 2.

Hello @DoMiN8ToR

I can’t imagine these emails being useless for registered users!
Here, however, the top selection of the “requested topics” should be made.
Only then can everyone in your area participate informatively.

Such an operation should be checked in principle here.

A. L.