Were can i download Guerilla and Sapien for halo?

hey i can’t find Guerilla and Sapien enywere, and i really need it for map modding. if you know a site were it can be downloaded please reply with a link i really need these programs. :bow:

try this

hey thanx iv gotten it now but i have come across another snag…Sapien only opens .scenario files and if you gat one and try to open it, it comes up with somthing like ooops… you hav tryed to open a non-scenario file. eny way to get around this?

posting in multiple forums will not help. as your other thread has already been closed.

anyway im not a gamer so i have no idea what to do. i just found the site and posted the link. i have no idea what to do after that.

maybe read the entire thread. i dont know :slight_smile:

ohk thanx and im only new so im just workin out how the fourum system works lol i got it now tho