Well My weekend starts out on a bad note



I got a call on Thursday night that one of my friends 5 year old son was out in the yard playing and the ball he was playing with rolled across the busy highway…and him thinking of only the ball ran out to get it as a car came by.
as of this post …they have airlifted him to a childrens hospital not sure of the extent of internal injuries…but are sure of swelling on the brain…I’m taking off work this weekend…to go there for her and be with the family …this kid is just so close to being like my own …I had tickets for Memphis in May this weekend and a backstage pass to meet Nelly…but I gave them away …this is so much more important…

so what i’m asking…some of you don’t belive in a higher spiritual being so do nothing…but those of you that do…please pray for him and his parents…his name is John D and his mom and dad are Carol and James…i really do appreciate it…


Sorry to hear that Sexy, they will all be in my thoughts and prayers.




I’m not a spiritual person but i wish him well.


I believe there is a universal energy that can be drawn upon by all people - religious or not - that can assist us ( and others ) whan accessed.

I wish the boy well.


I got the worst phone call at 5 am this morning…Carol called …the kids mom…and said the neruo surgeon came and and told them that John D is brain dead with no hope at all…hes still on life support for organ donation…i just feel so helpless…thanks for all your cares and concerns…please believers…pray for this family its killing me inside and i can only imagine what they are feeling…i’m on my way to the hospital to be with them so i might not be around much this weekend…

so don’t forget to tell those around you just how much you love them …by the way…i love you too…


i’m so sorry S_S.

everyone here loves ya to





(falls kinda silent after reading this)

my sincere condolences. This is awful …


This is every parents nightmare.
So sorry to hear this outcome.

Be strong.


That reminds me I’ll have to make my stay here (in Inchon) as short as possible. The main reason my moving is taking so much time is that YJ got fever right when I left both wife and YJ in Gwangju while I came back to Inchon. My younger brother called mom who was with me to help the packing and he just said YJ got fever and they took her to hospital. Without knowing exactly what happened… I just caught the first plane to Gwangju. YJ remained sick for a few more days and it seemed she almost stopped smiling after the fever, or forgot how to smile. She’s better now. It was the first time she got sick and also the first time wife alone took care of her for more than 24 hours. Problem’s I still do not know what happened during my absence. What’s killing me is unpredictability.

Anyway, I hope the boy will get the best luck and help possible. I think I never actually said “I love you” to my daughter. Even after becoming a father, I still feel awkward to speak adult language to a baby who can barely pronounce one or two syllables. :slight_smile:


Sorry to say, but his luck ran out. :sad:


To loose a Child must be the biggest tragedy of all tragedies.
I send my deepest condolences to you and his parents.


thanks everyone for your outpouring of sympathay it really does mean there are compassionate people all over the world…

Carol and James kept him on life support till the organ donation team arrived …i just never ever realized how much one can hurt or feel …i’m empty with emotion at the moment and i’d gladly give my life if it would bring his back…I don’t like situtations where i’m not in control and this one i’m no where close to control…my heart is broken into millions of small pieces and one of which can never be replaced…my mind keeps racing and i’m just waiting for someone to wake me from this awful dream…this can’t be real…


Yo S_S-

Being a father - this news has added impact-

I have been telling my son and daughter that I love them - each and every time that I speak to them (they are both about 400 miles south of me in Southern California)-

Very sorry to hear of your plight-

God bless you and the family-



California’s far bigger than South Korea. My daughter’s only 400km south of where I am right now.

BTW, I have nearly always hated cars. I was hit by a truck when I was about 20 months old, the cause of years of nightmare where a car flying directly towards me on the (hospital) bed. I usually use trains when available. I had to spend about 10 hours on trains yesterday from Gwangju to Inchon.


That is perhaps one of the worst things I could possibly imagine happening. :sad: …I would have to say that is currently my greatest fear (some form of harm coming to my children…). I’m very sorry for you - and your friends lose.

You are in my prayers…

Take care…


I know what its like to loose a child and my heart goes out to the childs parents and also to ss and all the other family that it will affect


I lose my Dad in 01… So I two know how it feels. My thorts are wiv you SS and the family. God bless you.



Damn that sucks… it’s quite unfair and so out of the reach of our control. Geeeez… my sincere condolences.