Well... my burner is good but it won't burn safedisk

well I have the GCE-8400b. And look http://elby.ch/english/products/clone_cd/writers/h.html it says there near the bottom says I can burn everything basically BUT when I tried to burn a simple disk with Safedisk 1 it did not work… I used the clony xxl config and it did not work HELP!!!

are you running the copy in the burner as well, or a secondary cd-rom source???

I had noticed that safedisc1&2 are tricky. In my case, my backups only run in the burner i copied them from, any other cd-rom or dvd-rom will crash and hang.

Interesting huh!!!

Originally posted by Sno
… I used the clony xxl config and it did not work HELP!!!
Yup, that was your first mistake. Ditch Clony and use the default profiles or the custom profiles if you know the prot. If it’s not mentioned on this site then we don’t know who’ll know!

Read the posts by Glynx (LG Guru) - hit the search button and put his nick into the right hand side criteria box…or you could read the FAQ…which would lead you to a ready made link for Glynx’s posts :wink:

Heej guys !

I really dont get that, on the elby page ur drive supports RAW96 and has two times two sheep.

U only need RAW16 to burn Safedisk 1, so any writer will do, even my very very very old Philips CDD3610, 5 yr. old does Safedisk 1 !
Safedisk 2 is quit another story, but still with the two sheep at EFM encoding u should be allright with CloneCD up to SD2.8xx, after that U should use discdump and discjuggler !!

But, at the writing screen, you DO have to select RAW writing, RAW-DAO, not SAO-cooked or anything else !!!

No need for subchannels either so dont tick them !! enable fast error skip just te be sure or you’ll be waiting a long time till its done ! :eek:

What game do u try to copy ?
Post some systems specs ?
Drive specs other than ur writer !!

Give us some info !!

It just can be that u cant even copy SD1, it just isnt possible !!
And safedisk 2 or that matter ! :smiley:

RAW is enough for SafeDisc 1. You don’t need RAW-DAO.

ok I sorta figured out why… I was usin my DVD drive to read CD’s I am now using my Burner but right now I am trying to Backup GTA3 and it seems to stop at 98%