Well, Let Me Try This A Different Way!

Hello All!

I have been using DVDFab Gold for quite some time and have generally been happy with the results.

I use DVDFab a little differently than most folks since I copy to disk first and then burn to DVD with Nero.

Since version 3 was released however, I have been having problems doing the copy to disk. Let me explain:

After doing a copy/backup to disk (using “Full Disk” or DVD9 mode), I usually check the result by doing a “Properties” on all the files on the DVD and compare it with the backed up files on the disk. This has almost always given the exact same number of files and bytes (exactly) between the two.

Since version 3 however, this almost always give less bytes (and sometimes less files if the source files are zero bytes) on the copied version. Also, when I use Nero Showtime to view the backed up video on disk, I either get a lockup of some kind or the copy is messed up in some scenes (pixelated, etc).

I have contacted DVDFab support a couple of times but they either ask me what type of DVD disk I am using or I don’t get a reply. Obviously the type of disk I’m using has no connection with this problem (I use Verbatim +R DL by the way).

I just tried to backup Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest and got the same problem (when I press “Play” from the Main Menu, the video (and Nero Showtime to some extent) locks up. I tried version 2.9 of DVDFab and got the same problem although on other disks it works perfectly.

Any ideas on this?


I posted the topic “DVDFab Not Working When Backing Up To Disk” yesterday and, up to now, had 78 “views” with zero “Replies”. So let me try this another way:

Has anyone ever noticed, or bothered to look at, the output from DVDFab (Gold in my case)? I mean, how are the input files (the factory DVD) different from the output files (on disk or burned DVD)?

If you remove components or compress, obviously it will be different. But what about if you copy/backup the whole original factory DVD?

For me, the number of files and the sizes have almost always been identical. And I generally get a perfect (ie usable, playable) DVD when that happens.

Since version 3.x.x.x, the copies are generally different and I have problems with the playback.

So, does anybody (Fengtao included) have any info on this?


Instead of cross posting, ( posting the same thing twice) maybe you should post your problem in the V 3 beta thread and you might get more replies. Threads merged.


Sorry for the “cross post”. I was just trying to get some response.

I appreciate your suggestion for possting in the Beta area but the 3.x.x.x versions I have been using are not betas but released versions.


Why not try a new beta, as they have been improved.



To copy DVD-9 to DVD-9, it’s recommended to use “Clone” function, not “Full Disc”, since “Clone” will perserve the original layer break.

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