Well i would of never expected this

my crazy 401 does better if i burn the dvd -r at 4x . it burns worst at 2x.has any one else seen this?is this normal

what firmware and media are you using?

cmg magnectics af1 fso7

it’s already been observed that media may not necessarily produce higher error rates at higher speeds. there’s typically a certain speed where burning faster or slower than that speed will produce more errors.

cool guess im still learning. i wish media was cheaper so i could try all speeds .but good news is i dont think ive made a coaster yet and i use pc while i burn …so i love lite on

Not only does some media burn better at higher speed, but scanning at higher speed sometimes produces lower error rates. Go figure…:confused: Most likely, the reason for better burns at higher speed is the laser calibration is better adjusted for the media at that speed, probably the power is too low at the lower speed. (or too high)