Well, I took apart my Lite-On LTR-32123S Yesterday :)

Yes, I know. Did this drive actually have a warranty to begin with, other than the reseller’s 30-day return policy?

Hey, I can’t help it. I love to take stuff apart. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did the usual stuff. cleaned the lens, oiled the carriage rails and all that stuff. Lately it hasn’t been making 100% C2-free discs so I decided it was time to do that. (got one clean write and the next disc had a bunch of C2s–it must be these Memorex/TY discs–then again, it did that with a couple of Fuji/TY as well :confused: )

On thing that I thought was going to be there that wasn’t was the spindle auto-balancer ball-bearing thingy. I guess it doesn’t need one. :confused: Maybe the W version has it? One thing’s for sure: It’s built a lot better than my old HP 8200a/CRX120E/140E.

I also like the stepper motor used for moving the carriage assembly. Sure beats a lot of crappy motors and gear assemblies that they use in other drives (see aforementioned HP), also the stepper with a screw shaft has a lot less rotational inertia (allows it to seek more accurately) than a “full-size” motor with a bunch of gears that ends up being a series of flywheels, hard to bring them to a stop when the correct location is found.

These Lite-On people really know their physics. :cool:

I also like the heavy piece of steel they used to help cancel out vibration–it’s a nice touch.

Chipset? Big one is a MediaTek MT1508E and the smaller one is a MT1516E

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Do you have any pictures you could share with us?

yea, LOVE to see some pics.

Maybe… I’ll have to shut down, pull the drive, and boot back up again. I only have a 320x240 webcam so the pictures won’t be too good. :stuck_out_tongue:

These first two show the general layout of the PCBs and the mechanism:

Some more board and IC pics. Interestingly enough, the logic board shows both the 24x and 32x model numbers, but the other board that services the eject button & motor, headphone jack, volume, etc. has only the 32x model number listed (also the PCB is prepared for a Play button that is present on other models, but no switch is present on this model–not pictured):

Here’s that stepper motor that I was raving about (assembly upside-down):

In this next set, the whole mechanism is pictured (tray removed for clarity). Note the large plate of steel that surrounds the assembly–it’s mounted to the main frame with yellow rubber grommets–that is used to cancel vibration. The main frame is then attached to the beige chassis with the usual arrangement of 4 rubber anti-shock mounts (the pink things).

A couple of the lens assembly:

A final word of warning: If you decide to take your drive apart (don’t :wink: ) then be careful of the the chassis mount nearest the eject button. The black slider that raises/lowers the mechanism sticks out if the tray is fully ejected or completely removed. This makes it impossible to get it apart or back together without breaking something. If it seems to get stuck there when trying to get it apart, try pushing the tray back in. Also, If you totally remove the tray (as I did), make sure the post on the slider and the guide in the tray (on that same side) line up before you try to push the tray back in.

(I had to split one post up into 4 posts because of a forum image limit–Sorry! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thx a lot!

Nice !
I haven’t opend my drive yet, but I love taking stuff apart :slight_smile:
I wonder if it would be possible to solder a switch for play? Just for fun hehe.

I refrain my last statement.
Thank you very much! Awesome information!
It’s good to have someone here as brave as you are! :slight_smile:
Nice work!


“does the drive still work??”

Yes. After putting it back together I ran CD Speed’s Advanced DAE Quality Test. (That’s the most evil test suite that I know of) Got a perfect score, and it even tests fast enough for 16x on-the-fly copying. :cool:

Haven’t tried burning with it yet, but if DAE works 100% then it should be just fine.

(PS: I took electronics in high school (Vo-Tech) and have my competency certificate so I usually know what I’m doing–though I don’t know why my old burner (HP/Sony) fried. :confused: )

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what is the scary thing under your name…lol

Tyrannosaurus Rex. :slight_smile:

Nice pics, looks exactly like my LTR-32123S inside…

Yes, I’ve opened mine as well. Very nice and clean design.

Good pics…I wonder if we can set up a series of them for the different models?