Well i think im done with nero this time for good



but i do own a legit paid version and i decided to install nero micro since ALL I WANT IS THE BURNING ROM… arghhhhhh… anyway… i install my key and every maybe 2 or 3 start ups it says my key is not legit… what the hell?? i email ahead they ask for my key and they say it is legit nothing wrong with it… they issue me a new key

about 2 weeks go by and now i get the same thing again now i cant even open the program at all even like before if i just kept trying it would eventually open now its locked on the “key not valid” screen… forget nero for good this time im fed up…

i know i asked a while back about alternatives.

i did not like really any of the free ones… imo they all lacked one feature or another…

all i need is the burning rom engine from nero and id be set since i use other programs for the rest of the jobs… is there a paid burning program that has anywhere near the options and quality of consistant burns as nero does… ashampoo would be my pick if i could manually write track names to audio tracks… that one reason is why i keep uninstalling it… i wish they would change that already…i dont care who it is or honestly at this point what it costs if it can do what i want… i even own a paid version of gear pro… 99$ it is a fantastic burning engine but lacks any kind of features which nero has … it doesnt even tell you how much space the added files are going to take up on the disc until you click burn then it simply says there is not enough space… for a 99$ program that is supposed to be as highly regarded as gear is it lacks A LOT…

i dont want to use many different programs for different types of burns though… i need full cd and dvd burning including iso’s and audio etc in one engine…

also no infrarecorder this doesnt like my system for some reason and no matter what i do i get coasters from using it.

please throw out some things for me to try out… again as close to a nero engine as possible would be awesome… thanks again and please help!!!


I realy don’t understand . if you have a legal key for nero? Why not just use it. You keep saying you want something that will do what nero does!! so just use it.


because nero keeps telling me its not a legit key i get the pop up on the screen and it will no longer let me use it… i contacted ahead about this i recieved a new key after about two weeks it does the same thing…

im not the only one with this issue from what ive been reading…

it may be because of nero micro… not sure but i refuse to install the full version of 8 as it basically rips apart vista and is nearly impossible to uninstall… no way forget it ive had to re-install vista three times because of nero 8…


I have gone to ImgBurn for virtually all my burning needs, but you say you don’t like the free programs, so if you want alternatives look at



well ive yet to find a free one that does everything the paid ones do and do it as well… its not that i dont like them because they are free…

ashampoo is a awesome program aside from the fact it does not seem to let me be able to use cd text and enter my own track names. when i burn with it i get no text on stand alone or car audio cd players…

ones i have not tried yet ill give that a look how does it compare to nero??

what about padus?? discjuggler i have heard people saying they have had problems with it but it looks very good from screenshots of it


I’ve never used discjuggler, so don’t know about it.

For audio cds, many people around here use Burrrn. It is a specialized program built for this particular task. http://www.burrrn.net/?page_id=4


hmm i see a couple im curios about… burnaware from glory logic and star burn from rocket??? any info on these??


I haven’t used Nero since 5.


yeah just got done doing a full system image restore gtom trying my luck on version 7 again… killed my entire vista install i could not even do a repair via the actual vista disc… i had to format and load a imade via acronis… never again nero… garbage imo…


I only use CD-DVD Speed for some things. Nero InfoTool is crap.