Well done guys!

You’ve done it again, six months ago or so I bought the 24103s after seeing posts regarding overclocking this drive and I tried it and it worked. Now I’ve just overclocked it again following posts on the 32123s to 40125s:)

On OC-Freaks post regarding overclocking LiteOn drives, he says the 40125s can also be overclocked (mediatek chipset) too. I just wanted to know if anyone has converted their 24103s/32123s/40125s to the 48xxxxxxx?

chrome ;0)

for 48x we need a 48x firmware that is compatible with the 3-series chipset.
I actually don’t think it will be available anytime soon, but lets just cross our fingers :wink:

(I’m currently also enjoying a 32x drive at 40x :bigsmile: )

Thanks for getting for back to me so quickly! Can you use the official firmware for the 40125s, it’s ZS0N for the OC 32123s?

chrome ;0)

Nope :frowning:

Thats for now the problem, i only hope liteon is going to officially support these drives via firmware updates.

For now we don’t have any firmware updates at all…
because this particular drive isn’t even listed on the liteon page (the 40125s that is listed over there is another drive, and firmwares can’t be used with this oc’ed drive)

But i hope liteon will start to support this drive with future 40125s updates.

Again, we have to cross our fingers :wink: