Well Done Again Blindwrite Team



A new version of BW will be out soon, that can now emulate the new securom 5+ found on DVD Games

I’ve now tested it on Permimeter and Deus Ex, all dvds and all Securom 5+

The team have rewritten autoplay and will be the only solution so far. It must be installed to run the backup, however the Stand-alone version can be installed once released.

I cannot create an image to try as daemon tools is blacklisted, but once burnt to a dvdr it works perfectly.

So all the hipe around the other softwares have now been wasted breath and shown once again that Blindwrite is still the King.


Please refrain from using expressions like this, hburrows83 you have been long enough here to know better.


Well SecuROM 5+ is nice, but how about StarForce 3, Tagès, newest SafeDisc’s, etc?

I agree that BlindWrite is good (will not say the best), but there is still lots of improvement ahead.

Keep up the good work.


I have a working backup of Deux Ex 2: Invisible War (DVD) since 2 months ago.
I use the image in Daemon Tools 3.46 without problem. I didn’t burn the image.
This image is made with Blindwrite 5.1.5 ( I think in that moment) with a Pioneer A06
and got a 99% quality extraction topology.


Changelog BlindWrite
• Support Double layer drives and format
• add vso start as an option
• fix a uninitialized value who caused crashes
• Update or add some translations
• patin couffin 23 added ( support windows 64bits edition )

NICE :slight_smile:


Can be downloaded from? :confused:


it can be downloaded here


hey guys…what settings are you using to dump dvd and reburn it to dvd…care to share with us…please


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