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All you want to know about Tunebite, how it works, how you do it best or simply answer your question related to this application or DRM-protections.
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Please read this short FAQ first, maybe you will find your answers here:

What is Tunebite?
Tunebite enables you to listen to your music wherever you want to.

Is Tunebite legal?
Yes. Tunebite does not bypass any copy protection. It re-records analogue audio or digital audio signals.

Will the quality of the piece of music be lost?
The audible quality of the piece of music will not be lost. Tunebite uses mp3 or ogg with adjustable bit rates.

Which DRM systems does Tunebite work with?
At present, Tunebite works with Apple iTunes (.m4p, .m4b), Window Media (.wma) protected files. So all common music subscription services like Napster, Yahoo, etc. are supported.

Do I need specific hardware?
No. A Windows XP with at least 600 MHz is enough. For full 4x realtime re-recording 1400 MHz is required.

Can I use my PC while I’m recording?
Yes. However, this is not recommended, since high load peaks might result in dropouts in the piece of music. External applications might also introduce Wave-Out device signals, which will be audible in the song afterwards.

Does this mean that I don’t ever need to buy music again?
No. Tunebite can only record pieces of music that are purchased legally and that you can then play back and re-record legally. The music must still be purchased from online music shops.

Is Tunebite opposed to the music industry?
No. Tunebite is not opposed to the music industry. Please read more: http://www.tunebite.de/website/v2/en/rechtliche.php

Video1: Problems with klite codec pack
SOLUTION with klite codec pack:
Please select during klite installation only, but all, entries with “3ivx pro”:

  1. video: 3ivx pro
  2. audio: aac 3ivx pro

Video2: Only your desktop is recorded
SOLUTION: Please click on the header “Selected song” of the video window in iTunes (left, bottom). “now playing” should be then in the headline.

Why does Tunebite only record the first 30 seconds of the song even though I have bought a license?
This could happen when the license is not correctly entered into tunebite. An unregistered client will record only the first 30 seconds of any song you may want DRM-removed. So please terminate Tunebite and restart the client, on restart you should be asked if you want to ‘Buy’ , ‘Register’ or ‘Continue’ with the client. At this stage, please provide your license key or alternately you can use the Options -> tab ‘Registration’. Make sure that there are no white-spaces in the license if you cut-and-paste the license into the client.

How big is the difference in quality between the newly converted .mp3 files from its ripped .wma files?
There is no appreciable difference in quality between .wma format and mp3 format but depends on the quality of the original of course.

Why can’t I play my converted songs in my hardware mp3 player?
Tunebite comes with the oggs encoder as default and can saves DRM-protected songs in .ogg format. Ogg format is not supported by every player. In case you have an mp3 player, you need to convert your songs into mp3 format. To convert your WMA/m4p to mp3 you need a mp3 encoder like Lame_enc.dll (engine version 3.92, dll version 1.28, dll release date 2002.4.16) which you can find on the internet.
Please do the following
Terminate Tunebite Copy the lame_enc.dll to the directory where you have installed tunebite Then choose this encoder in tunebite under Options -> Encoder. Now tunebite is ready to record in mp3 format. Now try converting your files either in auto or manual mode. For more info look at the online tunebite help file.
Tunebite cuts off the start or end of my songs when played in windows media player in batch mode
Our previous version of tunebite had a problem reacting fast enough to Windows Media Player or iTunes playing songs in batch mode. This was because tunebite needed a few seconds at the end of the song to finish up the conversion but WMP already starts playing the next song. Please download and install the latest tunebite version or above.
Songs have different lengths when re-recorded by tunebite
This is because the Variable Bit Rate technology used by Tunebite is not completely supported by some of the mp3 players and they show the length of the song incorrectly but this is only a display problem. If you clock the song with a stop-watch you can see that length is exactly the same only the display is wrong. Please use constant bit-rate in such cases to do your conversion. You can switch on/off VBR under ‘Options -> Encoder’

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