Welcome to the Software Programs & Updates Forum

Welcome to the CD Freaks “Software Programs & Updates” Forum

In this forum you can inform the CD Freaks community about the latest updates of your favorite CD/DVD/BD burning, (movie) authoring, copy, labeling, diagnosic, audio… software.

The aim:

The aim of this forum is to have a collection/overview of the latest available sofwares. A CD Freaks visitor so can save some time by searching for the latest updates of his favourite software by simply browsing this forum and looking for updates.

Content and posting style (first post):

A post in this forum should contain the following information:

[li]The thread title: “Put in the software name” and updates[/li][li]Software describtion: You can describe the and the software in your own words, or if it’s not to long then simply copy and paste the describtions from the manufaturers website.[/li][li]A link to the manufacturers website (for other readers to get more information)[/li][li]Operation System: (put in here the OS the software is developed for)[/li][li]Latest version number[/li][li]Download link:[/li][/ul]

Content and posting style of thread updates
Post about software updates should contain the following and no other informations:

[li]a version number[/li][li]a download link[/li][li]a changelog (if available)[/li][li]a link to the discussion thread in the appropriate (sub)forum[/li][/ul]

Affiliate links:

Affiliate links are not allowed in this forum (apart from Affiliates that are related to CDF). Such links will be removed.

Please note that this forum is only about softwares and its updates. Discussions, guides and anything else are here not welcome. Please do such kind of postings in the appropriate forum sections of CD Freaks.

Posts that are not conform to this guide will be deleted without prior notice.

All those who are not sure about posting in this forum can find a example here.

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